Neighbourhood Plan

Dear Neighbour

Here is an update on the progress with the Neighbourhood plan as of 18th May 2022

The Neighbourhood Plan team are busy gathering evidence-based information to use as the basis for the plans policies. It is important that any statements in the plan can be backed up with substantiated evidence and to achieve this we are commissioning several surveys.

Housing Needs Survey. This was sent out in January to get factual evidence from the residents in the Parish. A copy of the results will be available to view on June 5th at the Queens Jubilee celebration.

Design Code Package. This looks at the existing style of houses in the Parish and evidence gathered from consultation with residents. This information is used to propose codes of design to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan. These codes will become part of the planning process that developers will need to adhere to.

Landscape Assessment Study. From last years engagement day, we were told that the local countryside is very important to us all and we wouldn’t want it spoilt by badly sited development. This study will make a record of the views in the Parish and from this rate how potential development may have damaging effects.

Housing Needs Assessment. This report will use information gathered from the housing needs survey, information gathered at the engagement events and the last published census. It will then propose the number and type of housing needed in the Parish. We have to accept that some development will need to take place, we must make sure it gives us housing numbers and types that our community need and not what developers would prefer to build.

The Neighbourhood Plan team are also working towards developing policies, these will give the communities views on all manner of issues including.


Green issues.




Rest assured your comments will be welcomed on the draft policies before they are adopted.

Queens Jubilee event

Please come and talk to us, we will have a display at the event on the 5th June, or e-mail us at

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