Neighbourhood Plan

Dear Neighbour

Here is the latest update on the Neighbourhood Plan:

Community engagement and communication.

Back in July about 60 residents attended the Engagement Event on the recreation ground.

The themed posters below were used to prompt conversation and allow people to record their thoughts on post-it notes.  This, along with a questionnaire will make sure the Neighbourhood Plan reflects what's important to the residents of Little Dunmow.

We realise that not everyone was able to attend the Engagement Event, so a follow up web questionnaire has been sent to all residents that we have email addresses for.  If you still haven't had the opportunity to voice your opinions please contact Jo, Sonia or Kevin.

Jo Pratt -

Kevin French -

Sonia Merritt -

We will continue to update the website with our progress but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.